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What is Pothos Plant Nederland?

Pothos Plant Nederland is one of the leading breeding companies and young plant producers in horticulture in the Netherlands. More then 30 years present in different links of the production chain.
Pothos Plant Nederland works close together with PCM Olsthoorn ( breeding), Vitrocom Holland (tissue culture) and Plant Trade International ( export).

In the menu you will find under company more information about Pothos Plant Nederland, how we work and our mission. 

Pothos Plant Nederland has a wide and distinctive assortment. One of our key products is, developed by our own breeder, the Spathiphyllum Sweet serie. For an overview of of our products, take a look at products.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate and contact us.

All offers, agreements and supplies shall be made and concluded under and due observance of the General Conditions of Plantum NL, as filed with the chamber of Commerce at Rotterdam under nr 27228921, office Gouda dated September 19, 2002.


Pothos Groep Nederland BV - Zwethlaan 38 - 2675LB - Honserlersdijk (NL) - T. +31 (0)174 24 21 12 - F. +31 (0)174 24 44 40 - E.