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June 2017

Succesful welcome to Dioscorea tuber in fight against obesitas.

The last few days the phone was ringing continuously. Lots of questions about how the Dioscorea works and where to get it, the natural weapon agianst obesitas. of course not surprisingly if you know how much attention Dutch media paid to this new product.

At Saturday 10th June the Ad published an article about the tuber and its function. Together with a video at the website of the newspaper, this was the start. On Monday Peter Olsthoorn was at Edwin Evers morning show on Radio 538. There he explained more about the plant, the powder and the way it works to block fat accumulation.

As you will understand, the madness started.

A lot of poeple have the same quaestions, so we would like to answer these. In this way everybody has the change to find the answers and we have some more time to develop this unique product.

1. Where can I buy the Dioscorea powder?
The powder is not available yet. At this moment we have a small production of tubers to produce a potential amount of about 50 kg powder. If all goes according to plan we have this available end of August/early September. 
In the meantime we go on multiplicating the plants and scaling up production.

2. Can I buy a plant?
maybe in future this might be an option. For the moment we are focusing on a ready-to-use product, but take this option in account in setting up our businessplan.

3. How does it work?
The plant produces a tuber, in and above the ground, which you can use in your food. The tuber is quite neutral in taste and can therefore be used without changing the taste of your dish.
The Dioscorea tuber conatins an ingredient which stops fat accumulating in the body. The surplus of fat which normally will be stagged in the body, will now be abducted.
The exact action was under investigation at University leiden and can be explained in more detail by them.

4. Can I eat what I want using the powder of the Dioscorea tuber?
Nobody can not eat everything without any consequences. Let us be clear. The active ingredient of the Dioscorea tuber helps to lose weight or to maintain your weight without an adjustment to your diet or way of living. This does not mean the powder allows you to consume just fast food. Every body needs nutrition, minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. 
The dioscorea powder can help you but does not do any miracles.

More information can be found at:
- article AD and video at
- interview at Radio 538:
- sierteeltnet:

June 2017

Also in 2017 Pothos Plant is present at Flowerexpo Poland from August 31 till September 2nd. you can find us in booth D.002  

March 2017

Week 10 ( March 8-9) the Royal FloraHolland Seasonal Trade Fair takes place. Pothos Plant Nederland is presenting aquatics, carnivorous plants and more. Booth 18.4

February 2017

Today students of MBO Lentiz Hortitechnics visited Pothos Plant Nederland. After a presentation of the Perfect Plants Groep and the co-operating partners and labs, an explanation about the wide range of crops and the according protocols, growing schedules etcetera was given.

After that they made a tour through the nursery with emphasis on plantfysioloy and the so called "New Growing Techniques".

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