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Since years breeding and research have high attention at Pothos Plant Nederland. In the 80's Pothos Plant Nederland started its own breeding program for Spathiphyllum. Breeder Niek Hogenboom build up the program with the aim to develop a multiflowering Spathiphyllum with high consumer value.

The result of this breeding program is the Sweet-series, which distinguish from the existing varieties by more flowers per plant and a bushy shape. Further breeding and optimizing growth conditions made the Sweet series market leader in Spathiphyllum.

Pothos Plant Nederland is always looking for improvements, so all kind of crops are subject to research. Plant Breeders Right protects all our varieties. Therefore unauthorized multiplication is forbidden. The activities of the breeding department, together with the control of the Plant Breeders Right are brought together in P.C.M. Olsthoorn Holding B.V.
In order to supply a wide and interesting assortment, Pothos Plant Nederland has good relations with different breeders in Europe, USA, Africa and Australia. Promising varieties are tested in Holland, and if approved, sold in Europe. For our current assortment, please take look at the page products.
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