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Air So Pure ® (Pothos Plant)

Air So Pure® Spathiphyllum is the best quality plant with a scientifically proven strong air purifying effect. Air So Pure® Spathiphyllum gives a positive impulse to any room!

Improves the indoor air quality - absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen. It also reduces stress and absenteeism at the workplace.

Clears the air of harmful gases - reduces the amount of benzene, formaldehyde and/or tricholoethylene in the air.

Reduces the level of humidity - fewer complaints such as tinkling skin, burning eyes and irritated respiratory

Multi-flowering - more flowers at the same time; real eye catchers.

A full sized plant with strong leaves - makes a healthy impression and lasts for a long time.

Research by NASA, TNO and others, as well as many examples from practice, have proven that people working with a screen for longer than 4 hours a day generally feel better and are more productive if they have plants in the workspace, for example Air So Pure® Spathiphyllum

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