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Pothos Plant is based in the centre of the Dutch horticulture. Pothos Plant is one of the leading suppliers of uniform, disease free starter material for the professionals in agriculture and horticulture.
In modern greenhouses, well skilled employees use the most modern techniques to produce an outstanding quality product.


Pothos Plant produces a wide and divers assortment. Besides house plants ( Spathiphyllum, Musa, Syngonium and Peperomia), also garden plants 
( Cordyline australis, Helleborus, Musa) and food crops ( potato mini tubers) are produced.

The major part of our assortment is produced in tissue culture. Pothos Plant build up an intensive co-operation with tissue culture laboratory Vitrocom.


Pothos Plant Nederland BV - Zwethlaan 38 - 2675LB - Honserlersdijk (NL) - T. +31 (0)174 24 21 12 - F. +31 (0)174 24 44 40 - E.